Jingwen Yang

PhD Candidate
Carlson School of Management
University of Minnesota

Jingwen Yang Photo

Email: yang5435@umn.edu


My research interests are in pharmaceutical supply chains, supply chain risk management, healthcare operations, and drug policy.

My Ph.D. dissertation attempts to address three distinct types of risks within different segments of pharmaceutical supply chains: safety risks in the medical care delivery process [1], security risks in the drug distribution process [2], and low efficacy risks in the drug development process [3]. In particular, it takes a people-centric approach and focuses on characterizing demand-side heterogeneity, which then informs supply-side precision interventions and targeted drug policies.

Beyond the dissertation, I continue my inquiry into security risk management and investigate potential measures to disrupt prescription opioid diversion [4].

Before joining the Ph.D. program, I worked at Novo Nordisk, bioMerieux Biotech, and Mars Food.


[1] Safe and Scalable Delivery of Psychiatric Precision Medicines

(with Anant Mishra and Kingshuk Sinha)

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[2] Supply Chain Diversion of Prescription Opioids

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[3] Innovation of Precision Medicines

(with Anant Mishra)

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[4] Security Management of Prescription Opioids: Disrupting Opioid Diversion

(with Kevin Linderman)

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2020 Spring: Introduction to Supply Chain and Operations [In-person then transition to Online]


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